On Sun, 2009-05-31 at 21:23 -0700, bruce wrote:
> hi robert.,,
> now you've got me curious..
> you state...
> -Use something else to pass the data back to the user... popen() comes to
> -mind or proc_open(). Then disable auto abort on user disconnect via
> -ignore_user_abort(). Then after sending periodic data chunks, check the
> -user connection status via connection_aborted(). If your script finds
> -that the user has aborted, then kill all the processes in the pipeline
> -from the PHP script before finally aborting the PHP script itself.
> but if the user is using a browser session... which has a web server
> connection... are you siggesting that the server app spawns off a child
> process via the popen, and that the child somehow connects to the existing
> browser session??
> walk through the psuedo logic/flow of this if you don't mind.. i must be
> missing something..

The PHP session controls the popen() or proc_open() session. The PHP
session can detect that the user has aborted and then shutdown the
popen() or proc_open() processes.

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