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> terminatewhen webpage download is canceled
> I'm already doing something like that... here's what I have basically
> $o = popen($cmd);
> while (!feof($o)) {
>   $buffer = fread($o,4096);
>   echo $p;
> }
> exit();
> Ok so I can add in the statements to stop auto aborting, use connection 
> aborted... but how do i kill the process chain itself? If I simply pclose 
> the process it has the same effect - the other spawned processes keep 
> running. I figured out what's happening is the lame process keeps going 
> utnil it finishes, and apparently is sending its data to the proverbial bit 
> bucket... and in a process tree it moves from being under the http process 
> to being under init itself...

You can use the linux shell command ps:

    exec( 'ps --ppid '.getmypid(), $children );

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