As continuation to my last question, I got another one.

a brief summary:
I had to process a file that contains 700,000 lines,
each line contained some data (lets assume each line was like:
age contains the person's age in time() format, how many seconds has past
since he was born.
lastaccessed contains also a time(), with his last access.
work is some text, also is name. )

so I inserted it (with stacked queries),
My question is - lets assume I get a new file, and I need to compare the
changes - how would you suggest me to do it?

Assuming that if the new file has more lines I should insert (and of course
know about it so I can notify the user),
and assuming the new file has less lines - I should delete (and of course
know about it so I can notify the user).

I also don't have the old file.

I have no idea that is fast enough (less then 30 minutes. Insertion took
about 10 minutes).

What's your idea?

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