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Thanks Gary. I've actually been looking at both "JpGraph" (http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/ ) and "XML/SWF Charts" (http://www.maani.us/xml_charts/index.php). However, JpGraphs is one of those that suffers from horrendous documentation, and neither seems to allow X-independent graphing for multiple entities on the same graph. For instance, I can't give one entity its own array of "x,y" coordinates and provide another entity with an entirely different set of "x,y" coordinates. I must create a new graph for each and every entity.

My current task is an electrical one. I'm writing an app to plot KWH values at specific increments. However, the increments are unique to each particular event. I can't make my X-axis uniform because not every event records data at every second. And I, of course, can't haphazardly insert 0 values to accommodate spacing as that falsifies the data. So I need to be able to plot (KWH, TIME) for multiple entities on the same graph. However, as I said, neither of those packages seem to accommodate this in a straightforward manner.



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