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Can I still link the scatter points with lines for readability? I'm not sure why an API would require a "y" for every "x". I've rarely worked with
data sets that follow an exact set of X coords.

Then where would the point go if you had no y value?

Richard Heyes

It should simply plot the points (and connecting lines) independently. It should also consider the min/max values of all data sets and create those automatically if you don't set the min/max manually.

I wasn't saying that I lacked X values -- rather, I don't have a Y for every X of every other item. For instance, say I logged information at 10 o'clock AM for some events, while I didn't log until 10:30 for other events. I don't want to be forced to place something in 10:00 AM just to make the event spacing work.

Perhaps I'm simply asking the wrong question. I find that's often the case with me. Creating it with GD would be simple enough, as the idea isn't rocket science. I simply lack time after my current phase to do so, which is why I was hoping something intuitive existed so I could jump right to it.

To restate, the following does *NOT* apply to any data I have:

X-TIMES(8, 9, 10, 11)

...as DATA-Y2 didn't log data at 8 and 10, but rather at 8:30 and 10:30. Therefore, while I certainly can use an X axis labeled from 8 am to 11 am, I need different X values for some DATA sets. I need to be able to plot completely independent X,Y values -- and still connect them with lines to see trends. Reasonable, no?


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