Michael A. Peters wrote:
> PJ wrote:
>> Can't find anything on G or web - but I probably didn't try hard enough.
>> I am unable to set my virtual hosts to handle https.
>> I have apache22, mod_ssl, opnenssl and the httpd and httpd-vhosts.conf
>> files are set up "correctly" but directing a sensitive user information
>> page to an HTTPS page returns an error of "not found". The virtual hosts
>> works fine, except for HTTPS.
>> This is on my intranet for local developing.
>> TIA
> By "not found" do you mean a 404 error from the https domain?
> If so, then you probably just have the DocumentRoot directive set up
> incorrectly for your secure domain.
The problem was and remains in httpd-ssl.conf. It is not at all  clear
how the ssl.conf and the vhosts.conf files are related. The same site is
entered in https-ssl.conf and in httpd-vhosts.conf but uner different
ports *:80 and :*:443.
What is rather annoying is that in the ssl-conf file there is a dummy
setup but it does not indicate that this is what you have to change -
rather than the vhosts file. Nothing like having the blind leading the
blind. ;-)
I solved my immediate problem by modifying the httpd-ssl.conf file; up
to then I understood that the the configuration for vhosts depended on
the port where vhosts was pointing. Now, what is not clear is whether I
need to add more entries in the httpd-ssl.conf file for the other sites;
I would assume yes.
Thanks for responding. PJ

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