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>> Subject: [PHP] https setup
>> Can't find anything on G or web - but I probably didn't try hard enough.
>> I am unable to set my virtual hosts to handle https.
>> I have apache22, mod_ssl, opnenssl and the httpd and httpd-vhosts.conf
>> files are set up "correctly" but directing a sensitive user information
>> page to an HTTPS page returns an error of "not found". The virtual hosts
>> works fine, except for HTTPS.
>> This is on my intranet for local developing.
>> TIA
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> >From what I've found, it doesn't work like http.  You can NOT do virtual
> hosts via https with apache listening on the same IP AND PORT.  Something
> about the encrypted session is set up before the domain is analyzed by
> apache.
> You have to have a unique IP or PORT for each domain you want to serve with
> https.
> For example, if you want:
>  and
> all on the same http server, you have to either:
> assign a separate IP for each domain and let apache do the vhost by IP
>  or
> define a separate PORT for each domain and make apache do the vhost by PORT.
> If I'm wrong, somebody please let me know because I'd love to do vhosts like
> this as well.
> Regards,
> Shanon
I solved my problem. Problem was unclear directions for setup;
httpd-ssl.conf and httpd-vhosts.conf were not properly explalin for
configuration. The secure setup is done in the ssl file with the 443
port and the same host is repeated in the vhost file.  I haven't
mentioned this, but my setup is with name-based vhosts, not address or
So far as I can see, this should work fine for numerous hosts both on
whatever ports you choose plus the default 443 for ssl.
Don't forget, you have to have a certificate, real or dummy for this to
work. :-)

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