>> I need to diagnose a web browser problem, and I'd like PHP to return a
>> page that shows the entire browser request, exactly as it was sent. It
>> would naturally contain all the data in the HTTP Headers Information
>> from phpinfo() but formatted exactly as the browser sent it.
>    Depending on the specifics of the problem at hand, Dotan, you may
> actually be better-served by running the diagnostics locally using
> LiveHTTPHeaders[1] (a Firefox addon) or something similar.
>    ^1: http://livehttpheaders.mozdev.org/

Thanks, Daniel, but I am trying to help someone who is writing a
text-based web browser but gets "Bad Request" messages from some
websites. As he is able to visit http://simplesniff.com (my site) I
figured that it would help if I could just reply back with a page that
contained the exact request that he made.

Dotan Cohen


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