2009/6/9 Dotan Cohen <dotanco...@gmail.com>:
> Why should this be run on port 8000? Is there a security implication
> of running this on port 80? Would it be unwise to use this as a public
> service, for instance?

You can run it on port 80 but you'll need to make sure there's not
another web server running on that port and you'll probably need to
run it as an admin user.

> I was considering adding the tool to http://simplesniff, which is why
> I ask. Of course, that would only be with your permission, and it
> would give you credit for writing the code as well.

There are no risks that I can see in the code. You're welcome to use
it, and a link to http://stut.net/ is always appreciated ;-)

If you're running it on a server that already has a web server on port
80 you have 2 choices...

1) Run it on another port.

2) Bind it to a different IP address.

Option 1 is the simplest and wasting an IP for just this is a bit daft IMHO.

One thing to note is that it can only handle a single request at once.
If you want it to handle more simultaneously it'll need modifying a
bit. Another way to go about this would be to run it using xinetd, but
be sure to remove the while(true) loop before you do that, and close
the $s socket at the end of the script.



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