At 11:49 AM -0400 6/8/09, Daniel Brown wrote:
>On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 11:48, tedd<> wrote:
>>  Hi gang:
>>  I've heard that php can be used for more than web programming, but I 
>> am not  aware of specifically how that can be done. So, let me ask 
>> directly -- can  php be used to create a Mac Application?
>>  If so, how?
>     Probably the most well-known method is php-gtk:

I must be getting too old for this stuff.

I'm used to an IDE where you write code, run, and debug it. When you get it
where you want and want to create an application, then you compile the code
and there's an application -- a stand alone application -- done!

But I don't see anything like that there. In fact, if you review their
applications link, you'll see that they don't have any applications either.
It's all "There's not any applications in this category ... Maybe you would
like to add one?"  Well... a "Hello world" would be nice.

I downloaded and installed the MacPorts too, but that leaves me wanting for
a simple Hello World example as well, but nothing there either.

In both cases they are very verbose about command line stuff, but short on
how to use php to create an application. I just don't see it. Maybe my
terminology is not correct. My applications stand by themselves and run when
clicked -- no command line is needed.

To me it looks like another one of those other things that everyone says is
great, but I sit here saying "Hey, I don't know about you guys, but the
Emperor's naked."




Nusphere has something called PhpDock, but it's for Windows desktop only. I
use their excellent PhpED IDE and have seen references in PhpED for PhpDock
development, exactly as you describe (code-debug-test-encode-deploy all in
PhpED - a well-dressed Emperor). Looking at how they do it I'm not too sure
why PhpDock is Windows-only. From the Nusphere forum I've seen that Mac
users use PhpED fine in wine or vmware, but I don't know if that also works
for PhpDock runtime. I haven't tried any PhpDock development.


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