I am just beginning my foray into writing my own wrapper for a C++ library 
that maintained by someone else. I have ordered Sara Golemon's book "Extending 
and Embedding PHP" which should arrive in the next week or so, but until then 
I had a couple of questions that I was hoping might be able to be answered 
here. If this is the incorrect list to post this to, please let me know.

Is it possible to use an object file from the C++ library directly in the 
config.m4 file? I attempted to create a symlink to the cpp file that I needed 
my extension but I get a ton of errors when I try to make the extension and I 
am guessing it is because this one cpp file that I need requires a ton of other 
header files.

Second question is, I thought I read somewhere that it was possible to create 
a stand alone extension that did not require the end user to install the .so 
file and then modify the php.ini file and restart the apache server. How can I 
do this with my extension and just call/load the .so file in my script(s) that 
need it?

Thanks in advance.

-Eric Bonney

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