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> Php - MySQL - newbie question
> - Field type for american money - int(11) seems to work fine
> - but also I tried decimal(10,2)
> Is one a better choice than another for american money usage?
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> Thanks - RevDave
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It depends on what you need to store, honestly. If all your dollar
amounts are integers, int would work fine. If you need decimals,
decimal(10, 2) would be fine for a lot of applications. However, a lot
of financial applications need a little more precision. SQL Server has
a money datatype that looks like it's about equivalent to decimal(19,
4) and a smallmoney type that looks like it's equivalent to
decimal(10, 4). That handles things like gas prices that always have
that extra 9/10 of a penny tacked onto them, or items that are 3 for a
dollar. If you enter a price of 0.33 in a decimal(10, 2) field,
multiplying that by 3 will result in 0.99, whereas three items priced
at 0.3333 will come to 0.9999, which when formatted to two digits will
round to 1.00.


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