I have other tables running but only this give me ‘overhead’.


I’d know why this table does this and if is bad for my MySQL Server?

Is there anyway to avoid it?




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I haven't read all your mail, I'm sorry for it in advance, but I think that
you should know that "overheard" is just a blasting phrase for something
which was made up by phpmyadmin.

Basically, when you run a lot of DELETE or UPDATE queries on a table an
"overhead" is created, generally speaking this "overhead" is a space between
rows in the database file, which will cause mysql engine to insert rows into
this space on future INSERT queries. 

You can imagine your table as a hard drive, every couple of months (some may
say weeks) you have to run a de-fragment on it, you can do the same with
your database table, look up the query OPTIMIZE TABLE which will do the
de-frag for you :)

If you have any further questions feel free to bring them up.


On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Jônatas Zechim <zechim....@gmail.com>

Hi there, i have this table running on my localhost:

CREATE TABLE `caffecheckout_compra_itens` (
 `compra_key` varchar(23) NOT NULL,
 `item_id` int(5) NOT NULL,
 `item_valor` decimal(10,2) NOT NULL,
 `item_peso` decimal(5,3) NOT NULL,
 `item_qtd` int(3) NOT NULL,
 `item_data` int(10) NOT NULL,
 `item_obs` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY  (`item_id`),
 KEY `compra_key` (`compra_key`)

It's on my Server, but when I add a row and after remove that I'd overhead
this table (58bytes/row), anyone know why is this happening?

I run this SQL:


And after:



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On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 4:08 PM, revDAVE<c...@hosting4days.com> wrote:
> Php - MySQL - newbie question
> - Field type for american money - int(11) seems to work fine
> - but also I tried decimal(10,2)
> Is one a better choice than another for american money usage?
> --
> Thanks - RevDave
> Cool @ hosting4days . com
> [db-lists 09]

It depends on what you need to store, honestly. If all your dollar
amounts are integers, int would work fine. If you need decimals,
decimal(10, 2) would be fine for a lot of applications. However, a lot
of financial applications need a little more precision. SQL Server has
a money datatype that looks like it's about equivalent to decimal(19,
4) and a smallmoney type that looks like it's equivalent to
decimal(10, 4). That handles things like gas prices that always have
that extra 9/10 of a penny tacked onto them, or items that are 3 for a
dollar. If you enter a price of 0.33 in a decimal(10, 2) field,
multiplying that by 3 will result in 0.99, whereas three items priced
at 0.3333 will come to 0.9999, which when formatted to two digits will
round to 1.00.


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