Martin Scotta wrote:
> You can use $_SESSION to store the object, and serialize to convert to
> string and reverse

I like that idea.  I think I may end up going that route.

I have one question.  This is VERY hypothetical, and mostly just to
satisfy a curiosity, but let's assume that you write an application that
supports a few hundred users, each of which happen to be logged on at
the same time.

Assuming that serialization/unserialization happens frequently in the
application, how severely will that impact performance?  I'd imagine
quite a bit, since you're reading/writing a lot from disk, which is
inherently slow.

I suppose one interesting way to alleviate this problem on a per-machine
basis would be to implement /tmp in a RAM disk, so that session data is
effectively written to and read from memory instead of to and from the disk.

I suppose the best solution would be to design things such that as
little data as possible is serialized between page refreshes.


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