Hey everyone,

Long time reader, not such a long time poster :-P (though I have posted
to the list occasionally in the past...)

Anyway, I have a general question for the list.  Basically, I need to
maintain persistent objects between page refreshes.  So, for example, if
while running a PHP script the first time I create an instance of class
foo, the next time the script is run (when the browser reloads the page)
I can again access that same instance of foo.

I know that there's no way to truly do that, since a script only runs
while generating output for the browser, but my question is, in the
group's opinion, what's the best way to mimic this sort of behavior
using temporary storage?  Should I be using temporary files?

I can think of at least a couple ways to do it, but I'd like to get some
opinions as to "best practice" techniques, which take both security and
relative efficiency into account.  I would want to make sure that data
isn't shared between multiple concurrent sessions, which would be a bad
thing for what I'm doing.  my oh-so-limited knowledge of PHP is shining
through, I think :)

Thanks so much!


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