The center echo does not show.  It will show if I replace $newmort with 
anything else.  I have copied the first "if" statement,pasted it in the 
second position, and it works fine.  Once I change the var to $newmort, it 
will not show. The third echo shows fine, it is only if I use newmort.  I 
have renamed the var from mort1, because I was getting the same thing.

  <td>Purchase Price: </td>
  <td> <input name="purchprice" type="text"></td>
  <td>Mortgage Amount: </td>
  <td> <input name="newmort" type="text"></td>
  <td>How long seller has owned property: </td>
  <td> <input name="howlong" type="text" size="4"></td>


if ($purchprice)  {
echo "Purchase Price:$ $purchprice<br />";
if ($newmort)  {
echo "Mortgage Amount:$ $newmort<br />";
if ($howlong) {
echo "How Long has seller owned property: $howlong<br /><br />";



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