This is what I have now and it works. I do know that on the second line I 
have $_POST['mort']}\n" : " "; in the second half. I'm not sure I understand 
the comment about use the !empty if you dont care about PHP.

But this is working, and unless someone sees a problem with it, I will leave 
it as is.

Thank you to everyone for helping.


$msg.=  !empty($_POST['purchprice']) ? "If this information is completed, it 
is a new purchase.\n The Purchase Price is  $purchprice\n" : " ";
$msg.=  !empty($_POST['mort']) ? "The mortgage amount is 
{$_POST['mort']}\n" : " ";
$msg.=  !empty($_POST['howlong']) ? "The sellers have owned the property for 
$howlong\n\n\n" : " ";

$msg.=  !empty($_POST['mortgage']) ? "If this information is completed, it 
is a refinance.\nThe mortgage amount  is  $mortgage\n" : " ";
$msg.=  !empty($_POST['purdate']) ? "The property was originally purchased 
on  $purdate\n" : " ";
$msg.=  !empty($_POST['datefin']) ? "The property was last financed 
$datefin\n" : " ";

""Gary"" <> wrote in message
>I have a form that gives the submitter a choice or either one set of 
>questions, or another. I am still getting the message even if the input was 
>left blank.  So on the line below,
> $msg.=  isset($_POST['mort']) ? "The mortgage amount is  $mort\n" : " ";
> I get
> The mortgage amount is
> What am I missing here?
> Thanks
> Gary

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