Waynn Lue wrote:
I notice that you're checking $_POST['mort'] but you're echoing $mort,
is that your actual code?

That was my observation as well. Is $mort = $POST['mort']; being
set somewhere else or not? If not, how is your script supposed to
know what value $mort should be?

And, what the other guys said. Gary, before you do anything with
submitted data you need to process it against strip_tags() and/or
htmlentities() at the very least, mysql_real_escape_string() if
the data goes to a db.



On 6/18/09, Gary <gwp...@ptd.net> wrote:
I have a form that gives the submitter a choice or either one set of
questions, or another. I am still getting the message even if the input was
left blank.  So on the line below,

$msg.=  isset($_POST['mort']) ? "The mortgage amount is  $mort\n" : " ";

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