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Top of the list is for real dummies at tizag.com.
So I don't have to search 282,000 entries for php sessions tutorial (doesn't
this say something about the stupidity on the internet - just how many of
those entries could possibly be real and worth looking at?
Since you "gurus" (I kowtow) have been there, done that, I would appreciate
hearing of a tutorial that will give something more than "you can use
sessions in to store information"; like what kind of information, just how
is it used e.g. whatis this, where did it come from, what does it mean? --
if (isset($_REQUEST["ReturnToBooksList"]))
and  if (!isset($_SESSION["addNewBooks"])) - in these examples it come from
inputs. They were not specifically declared or is this a declaration by
itself... how can I find this information so I can understand how to use it?
I really don't want to bother you guys but do you see the futility here?
My little programs are advancing little by little, but boy is it a struggle
to get any information. I eventually dig it out but, frankly, it might be
more productive digging salt mines in the Urals. :-( PJ "the bitcher"

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I'm sure someone else has already proposed this, but... Get an entry-level
book on php, it will answer all your current and future questions about
arrays, forms, sessions, etc. Alternatively look at VTC or Lynda.com for
their excellent video tutorials. I'm sure many of the "gurus" you refer to
on this list started their path to gurudom by going through one or both
these routes. Definitely easier than digging salt mines, and has the added
advantage of enlightening you to new possibilities you hadn't thought of
before. I've done both (but I'm no guru) and I can definitely recommend
both, especially having a book around for a reference when you want to
quickly check something - easier than trying to find the reference in a


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