Top of the list is for real dummies at
So I don't have to search 282,000 entries for php sessions tutorial
(doesn't this say something about the stupidity on the internet - just
how many of those entries could possibly be real and worth looking at?
Since you "gurus" (I kowtow) have been there, done that, I would
appreciate hearing of a tutorial that will give something more than "you
can use sessions in to store information"; like what kind of
information, just how is it used e.g. whatis this, where did it come
from, what does it mean? -- if (isset($_REQUEST["ReturnToBooksList"]))
and  if (!isset($_SESSION["addNewBooks"])) - in these examples it come
from inputs. They were not specifically declared or is this a
declaration by itself... how can I find this information so I can
understand how to use it?
I really don't want to bother you guys but do you see the futility here?
My little programs are advancing little by little, but boy is it a
struggle to get any information. I eventually dig it out but, frankly,
it might be more productive digging salt mines in the Urals. :-(
PJ "the bitcher"

You could always read the manual for starters:

It gives you a pretty good picture on sessions. Google could also help as usual:

besides the first hit which is tizag there others you could look into for info.

I know I've stated the *obvious* but I think you should try it nonetheless.


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