Bastien Koert wrote:
Ensure that you have 'show friendly error messages in the Internet
explorer is turned off ( unchecked ).

IE does like to hide errors with this feature.

A 500 internal server error is likely due to apache/php mis-configuration, it's doubtful any useful errors would have been given to IE to hide.

However, the apache log files might have something - and is always where one should look first when the error is server side.

If phpinfo() is working, it might be of value to see the code for the script resulting in a 500 internal server error.


On Thursday, June 18, 2009, Shawn Simmons <> wrote:
Greetings Gurus!

I am attempting to use PHP+MYSQL+APACHE and I have downloaded all the latest 
verions and installed them on a fresh windows XP install.  Got the Apache 
server up and running, got MySQL up and running and installed PHP.  Tested PHP 
with a script containing phpinfo().  Everything works great.

Wrote a small script to connect to the MySql database.  Tried to run the script 
(http://localhost/dbscript.php) and I get a 500 Internal Server error.  I have 
been up and down the web for two days looking for a solution and I am 
completely frustrated.  I HAVE to be missing something.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 
help.  Thanks.

MySql is enabled in php.ini.  Paths are set to the php folder.  I have NOT 
moved or copied any files whatsoever.  Apache version is 2.2.


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