can you get a "test" echo with: echo "test";exit when you call your
If not so. Your Problem is a install problem and need more info about
where, what and permissions (Permissions are allways a problem for this
strange cases)

If you get a "test" then you problem can be the MySQL Functions you are
doing. Here we need more Information/examples what you are doing.



Thodoris schrieb:

Greetings Gurus!

I am attempting to use PHP+MYSQL+APACHE and I have downloaded all the latest verions and installed them on a fresh windows XP install. Got the Apache server up and running, got MySQL up and running and installed PHP. Tested PHP with a script containing phpinfo(). Everything works great.

Wrote a small script to connect to the MySql database. Tried to run the script (http://localhost/dbscript.php) and I get a 500 Internal Server error. I have been up and down the web for two days looking for a solution and I am completely frustrated. I HAVE to be missing something. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help. Thanks.

MySql is enabled in php.ini. Paths are set to the php folder. I have NOT moved or copied any files whatsoever. Apache version is 2.2.


Since you are a windows user and you need to begin coding in PHP etc why don't you try WAMP for starters?


It gives you all you need in one package.

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