Hi Caner,
Thanks for the input. I'm not sure that would do it as the first
instruction on the page is :
$bid = $_GET['id'] ;

thus, the page cannot even be loaded if there is no id in the uri - it
generates a number of errors.
In order to use the feature of editing, I use a search page and then set
up an href to the edit page with the id of the item to be edited.
I finally figured out to do the action="another_page.php" and with
slight modifications to the form, things finally work.
And, to delete the item (all records related to the item), I set up 2
submits - 1 to "update.php" and one to "delete.php"
Maybe it's all cumbersome and maybe it is possible to streamline the
whole process, but then it does work and I am just learning... :-)
Thanks again.

Caner BULUT wrote:
> Hi,
> You can use a variable to that. Like following. Example if the variable is 1
> you start to processing form input.
> Example 
> <form method="post" action="file.php?action=1>
> And in file.php you check the action variable if it is 1 you can start the
> processing data.
> If($_GET['action']==1) {
>  Echo "done";
> }
> Thanks.
> Caner.
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> Subject: [PHP] resubmit form after validation error
> I'm having a bit of a time figuring out how to resubmit a form after
> obligatory field missing error.
> The problem is that the page is accessed from a search page href where
> the uri is like = file.php$=123.
> Since the method="post" action="file.php?=<?php echo $number; ?> does
> not work nor does PHP_SELF, I have set the action="otherfile.php". All
> is well, if all fields are properly entered, but if there is an error,
> how to resubmit the form for correction and resubmission without using
> js or functions or redoing it all from scratch?

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