Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> PJ wrote:
>> Caner Bulut wrote:
>>> Hi PJ,
>>> You can use the structure following
>>> $bid = htmlentities($_GET['id']);
>> the code below
>>> if(empty($bid) {
>>> $bid=0;
>>> }
>> produces an empty screen with no error messages...
>> I have been having some trouble understanding "empty()" -- it doesn't
>> seem to want to work for me in any situation
> YOU, always need to have error_reporting on and display errors on, and
> also be logging errors so that you can see parse errors in the log.
> Always check the log after a "empty screen".  I've seen many posts from
> you where you get a blank, empty, white screen.  This is most always a
> parse error!.  Get an editor that will show you bad syntax like the
> above.  It is a freaking parse error because you don't have matched
> parentheses!
Shawn, I always have error_reporting on and display errors on.
Ok, I didn't see the error above; but in my defense (no defense really),
I should have thought about it) i just copied the code I was given.
Dumb, dumb, dumb. Thanks for pointing it out.
And yes, I do have a lot of problems with curly braces & parentheses.
I eventually do find them... but...
I have been thinking about what editor would show me bad syntax...
I've been using HOMESITE+ for no other reason than that it allows me to
switch between files quickly ... I do have Netbeans, but it screwed me
once when I accidentally closed it and I lost the whole file and had to
redo it all, so I'm a bit wary...
And I'm not too keen on getting into some IDE... tried them and found
them cumbersome to set up & learn.
Any suggestions?

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