When i installed PHP, I had written to my httpd.conf PHPIniDir "c:/php". But 
phpinfo() returns "C:\WINDOWS" in "Configuration File (php.ini) Path" row 
and right path to my php.ini in "Loaded Configuration File". It looks like 
php.ini really isn't used. I think so because when i try to enable MySQL 
extension it doesn't work ("extension=php_mysql.dll", 
"extension=php_mysqli.dll" and "extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll" is uncommented, 
"extension_dir" is correct, libmysql.dll is copied to C:\WINDOWS\system32). 
I've tried to write to php.ini an abracadabra. But I haven't received an 
error as i expected. I've tried to rename php.ini. phpinfo() has returned 
"(none)" in "Loaded Configuration File" row instead of "c:\php\php.ini" as 
that was before. But PHP still worked. It worked without php.ini. It seems 
very strange. I've searched another php.ini on my system. There is no 
another one. What's wrong? Why doesn't PHP use php.ini file? 

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