> Presume you did restart apache after making the change?
Of course

> Is there anything in your phpinfo output that relates to your php.ini?
I think there must be a mention of MySQL because i've enabled it. But it 
isn't there.

> Maybe some error near the beginning of php.ini causes php to stop loading 
> the ini file?
I use a copy of php.ini-recommended from PHP distributive. I don't think 
that there could be errors. I've only uncommented few strings to enable 
MySQL extensions, set display_errors on and changed extension_dir.

> Check that the "extension_dir" in phpinfo agrees with the "extension_dir" 
> in your php.ini.
It agrees.

> Maybe try enabling error logging in the php.ini and check the log file - I 
> use apache\logs\phperror.log and invalid extension loading is definitely 
> reported there (I've had this problem before).
That's it, i think. I've enabled display_startup_errors and now on start 
apache i receive errors. PHP can't find libraries of MySQL extensions. But 
this libraries exactly exist in folder that indicated in error messages. 
What that could be? 

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