2009/6/29 Suresh Gupta VG <sures...@zensar.com>:
> Hi List,
> I am newb to this PHP. I am using "AIX Version 5.3" OS and "PHP version 
> 4.3.9" by default version and "Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2". 
> Configured properly and I am getting the phpinfo.php on browser properly. But 
> when I write my own code for php, it is just displaying the code but it is 
> not running the php code.
> Is there any mistake in configuring the apache or else where? pls guide me.

If Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 able to run php scripts
this is a configuration error. I suggest search in the server
documentation or in google how can handle Oracle AppServer php.
If doesn't able to handle php choose another server for example apache.

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