>> * What files are include in which scripts
> pecl.php.net/package/inclued  - an awesome tool, will show you
> includes/require calls to other ones, show you any redundancy (dotted
> lines) etc. helps you clean up any nested and unnecessary includes or
> requires. Rasmus approved(tm)
> use it with graphviz and you've got visual maps of your entire
> include/require structure.

Ok, I'll look in to it.  Thanks!

>> * The relationships between defined classes (eg A extends B)
>> * What other classes are utilized by which classes (eg, instantiation)
> doesn't phpdoc or something do this stuff? might need comments before
> each function/method to make it really work well. not sure. i think
> there's also something called "phpxref" as well that might work...

It does.  But I'm looking to use this on an inherited framework that,
unfortunately, includes very little PHPDoc comments.  Considering how
large the codebase is, it'd be quicker for me to write this
functionality (to at least give us something to reference) than it
would be to add the necessary comments.  Granted, that's something
we'd want to eventually add anyway but it's something we could do over
time as we became much more familiar with the framework.


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