Have you looked at class_parents()?

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 4:42 PM, Christoph Boget<jcbo...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> * What files are include in which scripts
>> pecl.php.net/package/inclued  - an awesome tool, will show you
>> includes/require calls to other ones, show you any redundancy (dotted
>> lines) etc. helps you clean up any nested and unnecessary includes or
>> requires. Rasmus approved(tm)
>> use it with graphviz and you've got visual maps of your entire
>> include/require structure.
> Ok, I'll look in to it.  Thanks!
>>> * The relationships between defined classes (eg A extends B)
>>> * What other classes are utilized by which classes (eg, instantiation)
>> doesn't phpdoc or something do this stuff? might need comments before
>> each function/method to make it really work well. not sure. i think
>> there's also something called "phpxref" as well that might work...
> It does.  But I'm looking to use this on an inherited framework that,
> unfortunately, includes very little PHPDoc comments.  Considering how
> large the codebase is, it'd be quicker for me to write this
> functionality (to at least give us something to reference) than it
> would be to add the necessary comments.  Granted, that's something
> we'd want to eventually add anyway but it's something we could do over
> time as we became much more familiar with the framework.
> thnx,
> Christoph
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