The instanceof operator was introduced in PHP 5. Before this time
is_a() was used but is_a() has since been deprecated in favor of
instanceof. Note that as of PHP 5.3.0, is_a() is no longer deprecated.

Version         Description
5.3.0   This function is no longer deprecated, and will therefore no
longer throw E_STRICT warnings.
5.0.0   This function became deprecated in favour of the instanceof
operator. Calling this function will result in an E_STRICT warning.

"Oh, never mind.  All that refactoring you did to take in to account
the deprecation of is_a(), well, sorry 'bout that.  We were a little
not right in the head when we originally made that decision.  You can
go ahead and change all that code back now if you like..."

Ok, so I'm curious, why was is_a() added back in when it was tossed
out on it's head in 5.0?


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