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> Ok, so I'm curious, why was is_a() added back in when it was tossed
> out on it's head in 5.0?

    This is just how things operate with the core folks.  In
actuality, that's not just PHP that does it: most projects (and indeed
all mass-collaboration projects like an open source language) will
evolve with similar things occurring.

    Probably the most frequent reason it happens is when someone says,
"this makes more sense to me," and makes the change, while others ask
say, "yeah, but what's the matter with how it worked before?"
Discussions fire back-and-forth (if things are democratic) and are in
a temporary stalemate (hence the long-time deprecation E_STRICT
warning, but not total removal) until such a time that it's revisited
with fresh eyes and found to be Just Fine The Way It Is[TM].

    Thus, one hour in the lifecycle of PHP development.  ;-P

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