D.M.Jackson wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm trying to learn php mostly by reading the docs and pulling through 
> other peoples projects for reference examples.  One particular application 
> I'm looking at has a ton of variables being handled through the SESSION 
> global variable, probably about 25 or so variables.  That just seems like 
> alot.

>     Since I'm pretty new to php I was wondering if this was typical and 
> acceptable or if there was another best practice for maintaining large 
> amounts of information throughout a session, like maybe persisting a 
> temporary object in the database and passing a connection...or something. 
> Or is just passing around a pile of variables directly in the SESSION object 
> better?
> Thanks,
> Mark 

There is no difference between using session vars and storing vars in a
file/db and retrieving them every page load yourself.  It's really the
same thing except sessions are more automagic.  The main differences are
that you of course reduce some overhead if you only need certain vars on
certain pages or if you need them infrequently then you can
store/retrieve them yourself.

As far as a large amount of large objects, if you don't need them every
page load then you may want to look at stuffing them in a db and only
retrieving then when needed.


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