I prefer to reduce SESSION usage as much as possible. but I dont hesitate to
use them if need arises.
Points to note

   - Execution time: Only session_id is stored on the client's computer, and
   the actual data is stored on the server. so it will take nearly same time to
   process 100 session vars and 1 session var.
   - Security: While passing data trough hidden form fields, it is easy for
   the user to be change it. but its impossible (the user can change the
   session_id though) for the user to change the data stored in a session.
   - register_globals: i always set this off. but my host turned this on.
   had to spend 2 full days to find out what the problem was.

coming back to you issue: IMHO storing stuff like" MaxDisplayRecords,
DefaultDisplayRecords, etc.," in a SESSION var is the best solution.
alternatives being

   - Hidden fields: this will add to unnecessary network traffic.
   - Use separate file: Why use a separate file if PHP does the job for you?
   - Use the database: If you have an existing connection this is OK. But
   this will become a bottle neck if u dont have an existing connection

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