Miles Thompson wrote:
[snip]d they're OK. We have probably standardized on Drupal.

The big advantage is that they manage all the CRUD, and you spend 80%
of your time bending either one to do the non-standard 20% which you
absolutely *must* have.

I think that is the "krux" of it for me...

At some point, I started writing CMS's from scratch
for every client. Maybe I won't buy my dream home as
fast with this philosophy?? ;-), but all my clients receive the
stuff they need and don't have to muddle through stuff
that isn't pertinent to them.

I am not apposing the use of general CMS's... just commenting
on the 80/20 idea. When you build stuff yourself, you
are building exact needed features and you are probably understanding
of the system in general quite a bit more than if you are using a
CMS for the masses. However, there is usually a lot of interesting
apps/features that come with general CMS's, so I see the
benefit, and it is probably the reason I am watching this
thread!... it may be time for me to crawl out of my box and
open my eyes to the latest-greatest CMS features.


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