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> Dear ALL,
> What  are the experiences you have with various open source CMS
> products (Comparison of PHP-based CMS) such as  (Drupal, Joomla,
> OpenCMS, Typo3, eZ publish ..etc.)
> Security, Bugs, Performance, Support, Developer Community, learning
> curve, appearance..etc
> Thanks
> -mu
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I work a lot with Drupal. Overall I would say it is a good CMS but I don't
think it can cater to all needs of enterprise level applications.

As a serious Developer , let me give you some of the advantages and
disadvantages of Drupal, But please keep in mind these are just my


1) Lot of CRUD applications already available.
2) Session and User Management is already built in.
3) Very good Contrib Modules.
4) very good community support for all the code base which is popular.
5) For a Quick website this is the best tool.


1) After working almost 1 and 1/2 year on Drupal. Initially I wanted to make
Drupal work for my application and it did nice. But now I am kind of making
my application work for Drupal which is bad.
2) Some set of standards like revision management for example does not suit
enterprise architecture.
3) If ure entering some uncertain waters, u have to swim urself. because you
will not get the support from community.
4) Learning Curve is steep for beginners.
5) Actual OOPS is not very well practised even though code helps you define
some hooks. But most of the cases , the hooks available do not serve your

But anyways your choice of CMS depends on your project size. If its a big
enterprise level application, I would research more.


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