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On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 12:22,<> wrote:
> hi guys, i need some help by optimize the performance.
> my problem is that i need a lot of rows the whole site (don't ask i need the
> rows really :-) )
> this is about ~4000 rows it will be loaded from mysql database in 0.3
> seconds
> my idea was to cache this rows in a xml file like for example:
> <category>
>   <id>some hash id</id>
>   <title>category title </title>
> </category>
> ......
> also load query from mysql first, save to xml using 6 hours, erase the
> cached file, load query against....
> but to load the same num rows from xml during more then 3 seconds in
> comparison mysql need just 0.3 seconds.
> how can i optimize the reading from xml faster?
> server design:
> 2 mysql server (Master & Slave with Replication  )
> 8 Applikation Server with connect to the 2 mysql server
> this i the reason why i want to cache this query anyway! other querys just
> need about 0.0004 seconds, but this is the slowest query!
> i hope someone can help me or had a better ideas to solve this problem!
> thanks chris
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