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first thanks to all who have read ;-)

your solution looks like the method how i done it actually,
i have tested the last hours the solution with sql lite on application server

the Solution:

3 Mysql Server ( 1 more to handle the big load ) (1 Master, 2 Slaves) mysql replication
10 Applikation Server ( get today two more from my hoster :-) )
on Application Serer running php and sql lite
by the first load from mysql server the big query get synchronised with the lokal sql lite and write into the database
entrys are about 6 hour valid, after then the server get the new list.

performance looks nice:
total load time: between 0.03-0.09 Seconds

but i found another problem by the time i worked on the server
application server can create images and thumbs of them in various sizes (gd lib etc.) then this server open a ftp connection ( ftp_connect().... ) to a global data & storage server the data server has just running ftp so i must created the thumbs on application server and move all files to the data server:
*can php handle some compression with ftp* ? so that i can move some more data?


You could zip the files together, but on the whole images don't compress much. Setting the FTP process to run on a cron would be the best way to avoid doing a lot of transfers at one time.


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