Hi Isaac,

> Installing LAMP is not a good idea for productive servers. Always stick
> with
> the Packages of your distribution to get all upgrades.

Ack!  I use Debian/Lenny

> Activating a module isn't hard at all, so... there's not really a need for
> packages like "LAMP" on a unix-like OS.
> The point in not using such Packages like LAMP on a system which isn't
> productive is learning to set up a productive server. You decide.
> mod_auth_pam might be a way fo accomplish what you want.

Hmmm, I have installed "php5-auth-pam" but it give only an ExitStatus.

So if my script run as "root"  :-/  I can check, whether "php5-auth-pam"
say it is OK and then I can act on...

But is there another option as running the script as root?


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