Hello Ashley,

> This really seems like you would be best off doing this with a simple SSH 
> connection. I see you use Linux, so that makes things easier.

Ehm, no, I use <office.freenet.de> and the Webinterface.

> You can 
> manipulate files as if they were in your local file system with KDE IO
> slaves 
> (assuming you use the KDE window manager of course).

No, only FVWM.  :-)  KDE/GNOME would kill my machine.

> This pretty much lets 
> you do what you want. You can even run program on the remote machine with 
> the -X parameter of the ssh command.

SInce I have no Laptop and do not like to take it with me all the time,
my Webinterface must be accessibel from everywhere in the world.


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