On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 13:07, Gary<gwp...@ptd.net> wrote:
> Ahh the list of responses is endless
> 1. Its just you....

    My wife keeps telling me the same thing, so you're in good company, Gary.

> 2. Please, if you want to see people bite, go over the the adobe/dreamweaver
> group, there are some people over there that are very proud of their ability
> to type numbers letters and charactors in the correct order.

    I've heard much the same.  I've never had a need to get involved
there, but at the risk of getting some (probably well-deserved) flames
for saying this, but compared to developers, who are a bit more
"nerdly-rugged," designers (particularly many friends of mine who tout
Dreamweaver as the end-all, be-all) are complete divas about their
work and arsenal of tools.

> 3. Let me rephrase, as it relates to PHP,MySQL keeps crashing, I have.....
> Alright, so not really all that endless... Thanks for the links, I have
> signed up for the mysql group, waiting to get the super secret handshake so
> I can post....

    Question for you: is that a stock installation of XAMPP?  And, if
so, did you get it from apachefriends.de?  I noticed the German
language for the version banner.  Doing it old-school with the
Pennsylvania Dutch, eh?  ;-P

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