How does one continue a php session on a different domain (domain B)
than the domain (domain A) that started the session?

That is, I want to hand-off a session to another domain, but I do not
see how to do this as one cannot set a cookie for another domain (for
valid reasons).

I was thinking I could pass a one-time-access token in the url of domain
B, but i'm dissatisfied with this solution as it gets unwieldy if there
are a high volume of requests (such as a document server).

Otherwise, I would think the user would have to re-identify (enter
username/password) themselves on domain B.

I am wondering if someone can enlighten me on how to have seemless
session integration across multiple domains.

I realize that if the domain has a different php engine, then i'd have
to manage the session data outside of php's internal session data store
(ie...with something like MySQL).  Also, the domains are not subdomains
of each other.

1) An example where one might want to do this is to establish a
document/asset server on domain B to deliver content of different access
levels to domain A's page (and also possibly domain C, D, E, etc...).
Maybe I could do some server to server work passing the contents of a
readfile(), where domain B always trusts requests from domain A.

2) But what about in situations where I literally want to migrate the
user's session from one domain and hand it off to another domain, where
both domains have access to the same data tables.  How does one do this?

Maybe I need to do some reading on load balancing to help me understand
how state is maintained across several servers, but i was hoping this
community might be able to guide/point me in the proper direction.


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