Sounds like you want to set the auto increment. To do that, use this query:
alter table `table_name` auto_increment 1;

That will reset it to one. Although I've never tried it, I assume you can give it another value.

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On Jul 13, 2009, at 5:35 PM, wrote:

newbie question ... I have a MySQL table where I want to update (renumber) the primary numeric key field.

- I successfully turned field off as a primary key index and UN auto incremented it
- then created new sequential numbers for it
- then turned back on primary key index and re added auto increment in

BUT when I make a new record it does NOT  start where new numbers stop

last is 51
next should be 52

but jumps to 157

Q: is there a way to reset the NEXT SERIAL ID NUMBER somewhere? how do I fix this?

Thanks - RevDave
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