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Sounds like you want to set the auto increment.  To do that, use this  
alter table `table_name` auto_increment 1;

That will reset it to one.  Although I've never tried it, I assume you  
can give it another value.

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On Jul 13, 2009, at 5:35 PM, c...@hosting4days.com wrote:

> newbie question ... I have a MySQL table where I want to update  
> (renumber) the primary numeric key field.
> - I successfully turned field off as a primary key index and UN auto  
> incremented it
> - then created new sequential numbers for it
> - then turned back on primary key index and re added auto increment in
> BUT when I make a new record it does NOT  start where new numbers stop
> last is 51
> next should be 52
> but jumps to 157
> Q: is there a way to reset the NEXT SERIAL ID NUMBER somewhere? how  
> do I fix this?
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> Thanks - RevDave
> Cool @ hosting4days . com
> [db-lists 09]
"alter table `table_name` auto_increment 1;"
Correct you can give it any value you wish it to start FROM. ie if you pass
51 as the value then the next will be Auto increment value will be 52

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