Hi to all

I get a problem processing an image with GD libraries.

This is my function

   public function showPicture($id) {
       header('Content-type: image/jpeg');
       $mime = mime_content_type($this->updir.$id.'.png');
       $type = explode('/',$mime);
       $type = 'imagecreatefrom'.$type[1];
       $immagine = $tipo($this->updir.$id.'.png');

If i commentize the "header" function i get a lot of strange simbols (such as the code of a jpeg image!) but no errors. The result of this code is a blank page. In Firefox the title sets to "picture.php (JPEG image)" and if i right-click it and click on "Proprieties" i get "0px × 0px (resized as 315px × 19px)".

P.S.: I get the same result when I write $immagine = imagecreatefromjpeg(...)

(Sorry for my english)

Thanks in advance,

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