Ash, Martin,

Seems you are both wandering around the obvious problem...

I suspect that $tipo (in the next line) is *supposed* to be $type - sounds like
a partial Italian translation to me...

So given that $type="imagecreatefrompng" (for example, if the mime check returns
'png' - not very reliable, I suspect),


$immagine = $type($this->updir.$id.'.png')

should create a GD resource from the file, but the image appears to be empty.

My take on this is:

OP says he gets the same result from
$immagine = imagecreatefromjpeg(this->updir.$id.'.png')

- well I might expect to get an error message if I loaded a PNG expecting it to
be a JPEG, but I certainly wouldn't expect an image.

On some basic tests, I find that mime_content_type() is not defined on my
system, so ignoring that and trying to load a PNG file using imagecreatefromjpeg
results in pretty much the same result as the OP...


First: if you use Italian for your variable names, don't change half of their
instances to English...

Second: Make sure you actually know the mime type of a file before you try to
load it into GD...

My version of this would test against known image types to try the GD function:

foreach (Array('png','jpeg','gif') as $typeName)
  $type = 'imagecreatefrom'.$typeName;
  $immagine = $type(this->updir.$id.'.png'le);
  if (is_resource($immagine))
    header('Content-type: image/jpeg');
header('HTTP/1.0 500 File is not an allowed image type');

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