How do I write the for each loop in here:

   //alphabetical pagination links                                              
                      if (!isset($_GET['letter'])) {$letter = "A";} else 
{$letter = $_GET['letter'];}                                                    
                echo '<div align="center"><b>';                                 
                                   for ($i=65; $i<90; $i++) {                   
                                                 if ($letter!= chr($i)) {echo 
'<a href="browse.php?letter='.chr($i).'">';}                                    
                                echo chr($i)."&nbsp;";                          
                                          if ($letter!= chr($i)) {echo '</a>';  
                                                      ----->>> for each letter 
pull out those restaurants names and reload the page ....                       
     }                                                                    }

Or is that passed in the isset portion,

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