There are a plethora of solutions to do this type of navigation. All of them
free. They usually use an <UL> and <LI> sections and CSS. You should look
into jQuery as it has some of this built in too I believe. Lastly, consider
using an array to build your menu with, then you can filter and do
authentication and such by simply ripping out array elements (and checking
the viewed page against the list)

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> Subject: [PHP] Sub Menu System?
> Folks,
> I'm developing a rather large site in PHP. The main horizontal nav bar
> never changes, no matter how deep you are in the site. However, on the
> left side is a vertical "sub-menu" system. This menu is 
> proving to be a
> real pain to program. I have it limited the menu system to 3 levels:
>  |___Secondary pages
>    |___Tertiary pages
> For each level, and each folder, I have a file called 
> subnav.php, which
> contains the links for that page. It has its own code to determine the
> page it's on, and highlight the appropriate menu item.
> The problem is when I need to move pages, or add pages, it's 
> proving to
> be a REAL PAIN to maintain this type of structure.
> Does anyone know of any off-the-shelf product that can 
> create/maintain a
> sub-menu system like this?
> I don't mind starting over at this point, but I'm hoping there is
> something I can just purchase, so I can concentrate on the rest of the
> site....hopefully the menu system would support PHP and ASP.
> Thanks for any information!
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