David Stoltz wrote:

> Folks,
> I'm developing a rather large site in PHP. The main horizontal nav bar
> never changes, no matter how deep you are in the site. However, on the
> left side is a vertical "sub-menu" system. This menu is proving to be a
> real pain to program. I have it limited the menu system to 3 levels:
>  |___Secondary pages
>    |___Tertiary pages
> For each level, and each folder, I have a file called subnav.php, which
> contains the links for that page. It has its own code to determine the
> page it's on, and highlight the appropriate menu item.
> The problem is when I need to move pages, or add pages, it's proving to
> be a REAL PAIN to maintain this type of structure.
> Does anyone know of any off-the-shelf product that can create/maintain a
> sub-menu system like this?
> I don't mind starting over at this point, but I'm hoping there is
> something I can just purchase, so I can concentrate on the rest of the
> site....hopefully the menu system would support PHP and ASP.
> Thanks for any information!

I know your pain :-) I can't point you to a bolt on solution, but what you
probably want is a tree structure of some sort. Have a read of
http://www.sitepoint.com/print/hierarchical-data-database/ for the
concepts; scroll down to Modified Preorder Tree Traversal.

There seem to be a few nested set classes out there to manage this sort of
structure, e.g. http://www.edutech.ch/contribution/nstrees/index.php or
search on "nested trees".

David Robley

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