Call me a dreamer...but I got to ask.

Is there any software for helping speed up PHP by utilizing internal PHP

I am not talking about the external php cache/header control.  Smarty
caching doesn't give me the control I need either.

I would like to cache to a finer level than page by page, but rather on
a module by module basis.  Each of my pages contains a subset of
modules.  The content of these modules changes based upon certain
criteria (link, time, session data, but is sometimes static across the
site).  I would like to be able to cache individual "modules"
(preferably based upon frequency and time to generate).

I am trying to develop a way to do this, but I have to think a brighter
mind has come before me and hopefully arrived at a solution.

As always any help/thoughts are much appreciated, except for that one
guy's comments (you all know who I am talking) ~ jk ;)


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