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> Hello,
> Call me a dreamer...but I got to ask.
> Is there any software for helping speed up PHP by utilizing internal PHP
> caching?
> I am not talking about the external php cache/header control.  Smarty
> caching doesn't give me the control I need either.
> I would like to cache to a finer level than page by page, but rather on
> a module by module basis.  Each of my pages contains a subset of
> modules.  The content of these modules changes based upon certain
> criteria (link, time, session data, but is sometimes static across the
> site).  I would like to be able to cache individual "modules"
> (preferably based upon frequency and time to generate).
> I am trying to develop a way to do this, but I have to think a brighter
> mind has come before me and hopefully arrived at a solution.
> As always any help/thoughts are much appreciated, except for that one
> guy's comments (you all know who I am talking) ~ jk ;)
> Thanks,
> `
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Have you actually profiled your code to see where the pain points are
vs saying 'module?'  Are you also running an opcode cache?  From there
you can use data, block, or full page caching.  Finally you can figure
out if you want to store it in flat files or memory.  I'd start by
knowing what is actually the slow part using Xdebug and nail a few

There is no end all solution.  Some pages really don't have a lot
going on and are hardly updated so full page is fine.  Others might
have something that is hard to generate on a sidebar, so block caching
would be more suitable for that.  As previously mentioned, Zend_Cache
is up to the task.  There is also a PEAR package called Cache_Lite
which would work to if you're interested in file based caching.


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